How to get without a visa – to the territory of BRESTVISAFREE (City of Brest and Brest district, Pruzhany district, Kamenets district, Zhabinka district, Svisloch district- Territory map.)

Foreign citizens without visas can come to the territory of the tourist and recreational zone of Brest. For this it is necessary:

-refer to the travel agency “Season of Recreation.”


Phone +375 29 796-51-66

Skype – kisliakovap

WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram +375 29 796-51-66


– Book a selected tour or certain types of services in the “Season of Recreation” (you can get advice on tours and services from employees of the “Season of Recreation”.)

– to issue insurance for stay in the Republic of Belarus (it is issued by the “Season of Recreation”).

-To visit the territory of the tourist-recreational zone of Brest can be from 1 to 10 days.

To arrange visa-free passes, we need:

  • scan of the site with a photo of the passport (Travel document, valid not less than 3 months from the date of crossing the border)
  • providing the date of departure (1-10 days)
  • providing the address of accommodation in Belarus (hotel, apartments, agritourism, etc.).
  • providing the name of the border crossing point through which entry to Belarus is planned.

Time of organization of documents (Permit-Væcer) about 24 hours from the date of receipt of the order (sent to tourists by e-mail)

The cost of the voucher is EUR 10-13 (depending on the number of tourists)

You can enter the territory of the tourist-recreational zone of Brest only in the following checkpoints:

  • at the railway checkpoints of Brest (Terespol – the checkpoint of the railway station “Brest-Central”);
  • at the road checkpoints Brest (Terespol), Domachevo (Slovatici), Peschatka (Polovtsi);
  • at the pedestrian checkpoint Pererov (Bialowieza);
  • at the border crossing point Brest airport.

You must have it
What is needed to enter Belarus without a visa:

1. Passport.
2. Money – On each day of stay, own 22 EUR for own use, in any currency
3. Insurance (for Belarus) insurance is better to buy in advance in Poland. It is allowed to purchase insurance upon arrival to Belarus on the border. However, it takes a lot of time.
4. Authorization (Vauczer)

The order of stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus:

A foreign citizen or a stateless person who has arrived in the Republic of Belarus is obliged to register with the registration body at the place of the actual stay within 5 days, except Sundays, public holidays and public holidays.

Registration authorities in the Republic of Belarus are:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • The body of internal affairs;
  • hotel;
  • sanatorium and health-improving organization;
  • Subject of agroecotourism.