Good day! Our travel Agency “Sezon Otdyha” invites you to the visa-free zone-BRESTVISAFREE (Map)

Checkpoints on the territory of BRESTVISAFREE
1. Pererov (Belovezha);
2. Polovtsev-Peshchatka;
3. Terespol-Brest;
4. Airport “Brest”;
5. Railway station “Brest Central”.
To obtain a visa-free entry permit, you must:
  • A scan of the photo page from passport;
  • Specify the date of departure (from 1 to 10 days);
  • Specify the address of stay on the territory of Belarus (hotel, apartment, manor, etc.).);
  • Specify the name of the checkpoint through which you are going to enter Belarus;
  • After receiving all the necessary documents, we issue an invoice (payment can be made to a current account or to a Bank card);
    After payment, we send you a voucher (entry permit). The latest period when you can buy a voucher-1 day before departure! The cost of the voucher is from 8 to 12 euros (depending on the number of tourists and days of stay).
Full list of documents required to enter the territory of BRESTVISAFREE:
1) Passport.
2) Permit (voucher) – must be printed and presented at the border.
3) The amount equivalent to at least 2 base values for each day of stay (1 base value 01.01.2018 = 24 rubles 50 kopecks).
4) Insurance (valid on the territory of Belarus). You can get insurance on the border of Belarus. However, it takes some time.

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