After choosing the desired services, you need to write to an e-mail or telephone, necessarily indicating the tourist (s), the number of days of stay, the way to enter Belarus, as well as a list of desired services. Then you need to pay for services.

You can pay in the following ways:

1). In cash

2). Through the system “Calculation” (ERIP)

You can pay for the goods of the Company through the “Calculation” system (ERIP), at any place convenient for you, at a convenient point for you – Internet banking, mobile banking, information kiosks, cashier’s offices, ATMs etc.

You can make payments using cash, electronic money and bank payment cards at bank service points that provide services for receiving payments, as well as through remote banking tools.

3). Bank card via the Internet

To do this, you will receive an email for payment on the email.

On it you will go to the special secure payment page of the processing system bePaid (link to the site

The payment page will indicate the selected service and the amount of payment. For payment, you need to enter your card details and confirm the payment by clicking the “pay” button.

If your card supports 3-D Secure technology, you will be asked to undergo a standard one-minute cardholder verification procedure on your bank’s website (the bank that issued your card).

After payment our manager will contact you in the way you specify in order to clarify the details.

Please note that after the payment is made to your e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation of payment (place / zalinkovat sample checks – cash, and you can also e-check, which will be available after the test payment). Please save the payment data.

We accept payments for the following bank cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Belcard

Payments on bank cards are made through the electronic payment system bePaid. The payment page of the system meets all data transfer security requirements (PCI DSS Level 1). All confidential data is stored in an encrypted form and is highly resistant to burglary. – here you can see the description of the method of payment with a Belcard card.

If you pay with a card in a currency other than Belarusian rubles, the funds are written off at the rate of the International Payment Systems on the day of writing-off (it differs from the payment day). The course, established today by the Ministry of Railways, can be viewed here:

If the service was paid by the card through the site, then the refund is made to the card from which the payment was made, and the time of receipt of funds on the card is from 3 to 30 days from the date of the return by the Service Provider.

After payment, a confirmation and a voucher are sent to the customer’s e-mail.